"To Whom It May Concern,
My name is George, I am a 6 year resident of a community located in Riverhead, NY. I am also the board secretary for my community's HOA. I am writing this to let you know the benefits of using Choice Professional as your management company.
As I said, being on the board is a full time job, one that demands up to date information about community residents when situations arise. Since changing over to Choice as our management company, my job has been made a lot easier. They are always there to provide board members, as well as homeowners with a special service to help keep all community needs in focus. That could range from monthly common charges to direct deposit of fees, even garbage pickup.
Ms. Schmidt has a professional and courteous staff that will be available to take your calls, and help as best they can. If you need a management company, I suggest you look no further as Choice Professional will satisfy all your community needs when it comes to proper management. They will be the right "Choice". If you have any questions, feel free to call me. "

-George, Board Secretary

* * * * *

"To whom it may concern,
This reference letter is written on behalf of Maryanne Schmidt of Choice Professional Management. It has been my pleasure to have worked with Maryanne in different capacities for over a decade. Due to the length of my professional relationship I feel very comfortable both evaluating and recommending her.
I first met Maryanne before she purchased her company. At that time Howard Teitelbaum was the owner. Howard was the managing agent for our community. Maryanne worked with Howard on moving the community forward and eventually purchased the company from Howard.
As a board member of the community board from 2002 to present I worked with Maryanne in many different capacities. In all interactions I found her to be extremely well prepared, thorough and hard working. She worked tirelessly to improve her people skills and her communication skills both on the phone and on paper.
When the opportunity arose for Maryanne to interview for another account, it was my pleasure to champion her candidacy. She eventually won the account and still holds it today. Under her management many ills of the past have been corrected and the Association runs efficiently and professionally. "

-Kevin, Board member

* * * * *

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for completing your first year as Managing Agent for ourAssociation, Inc. It has been a pleasure dealing with all of your employees, and we look forward to using your services for at least two more years, as our next contract starts January 1st, 2011 and runs through December 31, 2012.
I have been associated with your prior owner, Mr. Teitelbaum for about 20 years, and he spoke very highly of your services since purchasing the company in 2004. You are a hands on owner, a dedicated person, and your personality makes it a pleasure to call and speak to you at anytime. You handle things personally many times, and if you are too busy can delegate to another capable employee.
Our prior managing agent left things in great disarray, and together we have taken things back to normal, and made quite a few improvements.
Please wish all your employees a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year from our Association, Inc. and all its 500 residents. We look forward to many more years of using your services as our managing agent. "

-Andrew, President

* * * * *

"Having worked in the private security field for over 20 years, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of Property Management Companies the biggest, the smallest, the good, the bad and the ugly. Choice in my opinion is poised to be one of the best from all metrics.
I have been involved with Choice Professional Management and Maryanne Schmidt as a security vendor for about 4 years now. During this time I have come to appreciate the professionalism they bring to their assignments in property management. While clients should hire them for their professional ability, from a vendor standpoint, having a reliable and professional property management contact allows us to focus more directly on our mutual client's security goals. This is exactly what the best management companies do best and is often an overlooked criterion of prospective property clients.
I am sure the reader of this reference will be considering many factors to make a thorough evaluation on which Property Management Company will do what they say and which will best serve your interests. Having worked with many, I have repeatedly been impressed by the way Maryanne and the Choice Professional Management team consistently respond to issues pertaining to the security and safety of our mutual clients. It is refreshing to find that they take this vital area of concern as seriously as we do and that is a quality that is rare to find in property management.
Having worked with Choice Professional Management for years, I can say with ultimate confidence that you will not be disappointed with your decision to hire them. "

-Adam M. Rosenblatt, President: Rose Group Security Services, Inc.

* * * * *

"It has come to my attention that Maryanne Schmidt of Choice Professional Management LLC is applying to your co-op to become your Off-site Management Company.
As an owner at a Huntington Community, where she is presently managing and has been for the past 10 (ten) years of my residency, Maryanne is revered.
Her attention to detail is only surpassed by her availability and devotion to everyone's needs. Maryanne is always poised and extremely professional. She has never faulted on a job and keeps our property well plowed in winter and beautifully groomed in summer.
Among her many assets is that she is always available to whoever needs her services or help. In addition to me being an owner at that Huntington community,I am also an owner of several apartment complexes out-of­ state. Dealing with Management Companies is something I do every day and without a doubt none come close to the quality of Choice Professional Management.
I strongly recommend that the Board considers contracting the services of Choice Professional Management and enjoy the excellence and leadership it will bring to your complex. "

-Allen, Homeowner