Includes Community Basic Package and Community Enhanced Package

If your community is in need of FULL MANAGEMENT SERVICES, we are pleased to offer this option. When combining Option 1 with our FULL MANAGEMENT SERVICE PROGRAM, your community will experience the most complete responsive management effort. Our team will provide you with a sincere focus on all the needs of your community. Our participation at BOD meetings will provide advice on all aspects of your community. We will visit your property twice a month and report our findings at each BOD meeting. We will respond to the needs of your owners in a cooperative manner. When necessary, special appointments with owners will be made to address their needs. An immediate bond is created between homeowners and the BOD because of the care and attention they receive from us.

We will coordinate all contractor efforts to insure appropriate fulfillment of their obligations. We will take corrective measures to bring contractors in line with the expectations of the BOD. We do not have any agendas or a need to switch contractors whose performance meets the need of the BOD. However, when requested or when the need arises, we will gladly make contractor recommendations.

When appropriate, we will prepare bid specifications and present them to the BOD. After fine-tuning the bid specifications with the BOD, we will go out to the marketplace and obtain bids. Contractor selection remains with the BOD.