Irene takes its toll on Communities

Please be informed that all of our communities did sustain tree loss and tree damage; however we are happy to report that we did not have any structural damage. All our communities received emergency service on Sunday so that no one was stranded. Everyone that had a tree blocking a road, leaning on a car or building was removed by Sunday night. We were personally out with the crews to watch this work being done without causing any additional damage. Clean up of all debris, branches, twigs, etc. in all communities will be completed before the weekend.

We at Choice Professional Management want to thank our contractors that were on call during the storm and continually checked in to ensure that every homeowner was attended to. We also appreciate everyone’s patience during the storm and now afterwards while the clean-ups are being performed. We have done everything possible to make sure our homeowners were not inconvenienced by the work that had to be completed.

We also understand that some of our communities may still be without power. Please continue to call LIPA to get an update as to when your area will be “turned on”.

We hope that you will all have a “bright” holiday weekend.