With the approaching threat of a hurricane, we would like to provide all homeowners with information on how to prepare and what to do in the event of a hurricane.

Preparing Exterior of Home

  • Bring in all outdoor furniture if possible.  If unable to do so, then bring in chair pads, umbrellas, grills, loose items, statues, etc. & secure the outdoor furniture.
  • All hanging items such as decorations, plants, flags etc. must be brought inside as they could be dislodged by high winds.  The same goes for lawn ornaments & signs.
  • Store all garbage and recycling receptacles inside your garage.
  • Have plywood, nails & a hammer ready – should a large window break.

In the event of a True Emergency (see below), you may contact Maryanne at (631)561-3280. She will try to handle your emergency as quickly as possible.

Examples of a True Emergency

  • A tree or telephone pole has fallen and hits your house or car.
  • A tree or telephone pole has fallen across the roadway; obstructing the evacuation route.

IMPORTANT: Please use discretion when calling one of the numbers above as this could be one of our most devastating storms. If a tree falls and has NOT landed on a house, car, or blocking a major roadway, please call our office at (631)864-6006 and leave a message. Your concern will be addressed upon our return to the office.

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