Spring is perhaps the most welcomed season by everyone in the Northeast. With the winter snow behind us, we can all look foward to the flower blossoms, green grass, trees budding, and seeing yourneighbors walking about.

As Spring and Summer approaches, many kids will be playing outside again. Please watch out for childern! Supervision for kids is necessary, especially for childern 8 years and younger. Play toys and bikes must be picked up and put away everynight. As well, chalked must be washed off the streets and driveways everynight.

PLEASE DO NOT FEED WILD ANIMALS! Placing food out for feral cats or wild racoons to eat is prohibited. Doing so wil lcause them to come back more often and possibly make shelter under patios.
Owners are responsible for their pets. Pets must be leashed while walking throughout the community. Solid waste must be picked up and disposed of. Pets are not allowed to urniate, defecate, or dig on another homeowner’s property.

Garbage must be placed in your garbage pails, which should be covered at all times to deter animals from getting in and scavenging for food. If it does not fit in the pail, a heavy duty black bag must be used. White kitchen bags (especially contained with food) are not acceptable, since these can be easily torn by animals. You must store your pails behind your home, so it is not visible from the street. Recyclables must be cut into mangageable size and taped/tied down, so not to be blown by the wind.

Remember to submit a modification form before you make any alterations to the exterior of your home. Homeowner’s need the board’s permission before any alterations or additions take place. This also includes landscape changes.