Upcoming Snow Storm Feb. 13th

The upcoming snow storm is to start in the early morning hours tomorrow. It will start slowing building heavier in the morning hours of 6am to 9am during the course of the morning rush hour. There may be as much as 2-4 inch accumulation depending on the location before turning over to rain with the increase in temperature. It is to rain all day and as the temperature drops in the latter part towards evening it will turn to snow again and continue into the early Friday hours for perhaps an inch or two.

  • Owners must use their garage and driveway during a snowstorm. After the guest lots have been plowed, you may move your vehicle into that area so that your driveway can be cleared.
  • Shoveling of the driveways and walkways will begin up to 2 hours after the snowfall has stopped. The contractor will have enough labor on site that when the driveways are started, they will be completed in a timely manner.
  • The plowing contractor becomes responsible for any accumulation above 2”.
  • Owners are responsible to add ice melt, sand, or your own preference to your walkway and driveway.

Please be reminded that this particular weather pattern will take place for over 36 hours so please be patient with your snow contractors efforts to keep everything plowed and cleaned.