Wishes for much success

It is with both a heavy heart, but a happy heart that we must say good bye to Danielle.  Danielle has worked together with me in this business for almost 11 years.  She began her 1st year of high school as a file clerk.  She then moved onto answering phones, routing calls & became involved with learning about our communities.

As she grew with the company, she also grew into an intelligent, sophisticated young woman.  She worked her way up to Financial Manager.  Danielle knows all facets of this business and is the person I rely on the most for anything involving the office.  Losing Danielle will be like I am losing my right arm.

However, I have watched Danielle work harder than anyone I know to complete her ultimate task.  While working with me, she also attended college.  I am proud to say that Danielle has her doctorate in Physical Therapy.  She has already been working in that field and will be leaving us to fulfill her dream.  She was offered a position in where she will be instrumental in setting up a woman’s clinic with a renowned Physical Therapist.  Words alone cannot describe my thanks for all the years she gave us and my best wishes for her future success in the field she has always dreamed of being a part of.  I am confident that Danielle will not only succeed, but be able to attain anything that she desires in the future.