Winter Tips

Though we have had a mild winter thus far, we still have 2 months to go.  Below are some reminders, tips and safety precautions all owners should be aware of during the winter season.

  • All homeowner’s should keep at least one bag of ice melt in their garage or inside your front door, to help prevent slips or falls.
  • If there is a snow storm, snow removal on the streets will begin after 2″ of snow has fallen, this will continue periodically allowing the streets to remain open and passable until the storm ends.
  • As a reminder walks and driveways will not be shoveled until after the storm has fully ended.
  • In the event of an ice storm, it can take down power lines knocking out electricity. Check battery powered equipment before the storm arrives.
  • Check your food and stock an extra supply. Include food that requires no cooking in case of power failure. If there are infants or people who need special medication at home, make sure you have a supply of the proper food and medicine. Make sure pets and animals have shelter and a water supply.
  • Dress for the conditions when outdoors. Wear several layers of light-weight clothing: layers can be removed to prevent perspiring and subsequent chill. Outer garments should be tightly woven, waterproof and hooded. For the hands, mittens, snug at the wrists, offer better protection than fingered gloves.
  • If you are a snowbird, please remember to leave your heat on.  You should program your heat for at least 55 degrees so that pipes do not freeze & burst.  You should also ask a neighbor to occasionally check on your home.
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