School’s Out – Pools are open

Pool Reminders

  • Use of the pool is at the swimmer’s own risk.
  • Children under the age of 16 who legally reside at your community, and who wish to use the pool should be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times while they are in the pool area.
  • For safety reasons there is no diving, running, or jumping into the pool at any time.
  • We ask all owners/occupants, their families, friends, employees, and guests at all times follow the rules and regulations posted poolside or they will not be permitted use of the pool.
  • Please have babies wear swim diapers. Used diapers must be bagged and removed from the pool and clubhouse area for disposal.
  • No animals are permitted in the pool area at any time.
  • For safety and sanitary reasons glassware, food, cans, alcoholic beverages, and smoking are prohibited in the pool area.
  • All bathers must wear appropriate attire (bathing suit) and shower prior to entering the pool, and must be free of any communicable diseases or ailments including but not limited to coughs, colds, poison ivy, etc.
  • To promote a friendly environment: use of a radio is permitted at a low volume and cell phone users must speak in a low voice so as not to disturb others in the pool area.
  • For your safety, the pool may be closed due to hazardous weather conditions, chemical concerns or equipment malfunctions.

Planning any improvements?

Please be reminded that residents need approval for most exterior alterations.  Please contact our office to find out what you need to do in order to obtain approval from the Board.  The following paperwork must be submitted and approved by the Board prior to completing any work: a signed Modification Request Form, Hold Harmless Agreement, a copy of the license and certificate of insurance from the vendor performing the work.

Security and Safety

If you see or hear anything out of the ordinary going on within the community, please call the Police (911), and report the situation.

Other reminders

  • Make sure to keep an adequate distance between the barbeque and your home when grilling.
  • June to October are considered the hurricane season. If we are under a hurricane watch it means conditions are a real possibility and you should be ready. A hurricane warning indicates that a hurricane will strike within 24 hours and all owners should be properly prepared.